Project & job management

Add information on the used MT engine for a specific job to the bilingual MXLIFF file

Current behavior:
Currently, it is possible to know if a segment was machine-translated by checking the m:trans-origin attribute in the bilingual MXLIFF file, however, no information on the used MT engine is provided.

Available workaround (if any):
It is only possible to find which MT engine was used for a specific job by opening it in the Editor, selecting a machine-translated segment, and checking the information at the bottom of the CAT pane.

Requested behavior:
Information about the used MT engine is provided in the MXLIFF file. It could be included in the trans-unit or in the file elements.

Use case:
Checking this information from the Editor is not helpful in case comparison and analysis of used MT engines in all processed jobs must be performed.



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