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Remove soft hyphens on import for all applicable file types

If a text contains soft hyphens (U+00AD), they are not visible in Editors (not even with Display hidden characters enabled), but can be spotted in the MXLIFF. 
When a user wants to pre-translate a file containing soft hyphens from a TM that does not have those, they will lose TM leverage.
Current behavior:

  • Soft hyphens are imported and remain hidden in some file types (IDML, Excel and PPT files, for example).
  • They are excluded from DOCX documents, at least with default import settings.
  • The soft hyphens are saved in TM.

Removing soft hyphens in MXLIFF from the source using Notepad++ with these settings and uploading it to the Cloud before pre-translating the job.
Requested behavior:
An option to remove soft hyphens during import, available for all applicable file types.

Use case: 

User wanted to pre-translate a PPTX (with soft hyphens) from a TM that was originally populated with the same text from a DOCX job (where soft hyphens are removed by our filter). They would like to keep the TM leverage they would otherwise lose due to soft hyphens.



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