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Customizable HTML entity "Reader" and "Writer" settings

Current behavior:
When using HTML subfilter with e.g. JSON files, & and < are always exported as &amp; and &lt;​ where these are parts of the strings. This is not optional.

Available workaround (if any): 
Converting <[^>]+?>​ to tags is not a valid workaround because it cannot handle entities such as &amp; or &quot;, or paired tags, let alone more complex HTML elements/attributes for translation, e.g. an alt attribute for animg element.
Requested behavior: 
Customizable HTML entity "Reader" and "Writer" settings (in all filetypes where applicable).
Use case: 
"The automatic escaping behavior is very abrupt as the source json file (without escaping) is valid per se, it’s also causing more issues, e.g. the & symbol in translation changes to &amp;".


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