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Add option for Linguists to be able to lock/unlock segments

Current behavior:
Linguists cannot lock/unlock segments. Only PM/Admins are allowed to.

Available workaround (if any):
If enabled in project settings, Linguist can edit the locked segment by clicking on F2 button. However, there is no workaround for other cases apart from contacting respective PM or Admin user.

Requested behavior:
Linguist can lock/unlock segments if enabled in User settings.

Use case:
For example, locked and unlocked segments need to be joined. If enabled for experienced Linguists, it would not have to be forwarded to PM or Admin and no extra time would be needed.


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  • I am very interested in this feature. It would make it easier for me both as a PM and as a linguist. The split and join functions in Memsource are very robust (thank you) and there are virtually no cases that I can think of where I would not want to enable unlocking of locked segments for a linguist.

    Note, an idea that I have is that the feature would be selectable by the PM or administrator. Therefore, if a company did not want to enable the feature for their linguists, they could leave it disabled.


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