Dedicated shortcut for jumping to the next segment

It would be handy to keep Ctrl+Enter for confirmation and jumping to the next unconfirmed segment [or the action set in Preferences], and e. g. Alt+Shift+Enter dedicated for jumping to the next segment.

Current behavior:
   There is only one dedicated shortcut for segment confirmation and jumping. Ctrl+Enter can be configured in Editor Preferences to jump either to the next  segment or the next unconfirmed segment (+ other options).

Available workaround (if any):
   No quick workaround (pressing down arrow multiple times (then Home) is inconvenient; changing the preferences just for a single jump action isn't worth the effort)

Requested behavior:
  Besides keeping Ctrl+Enter for the action set in Preferences, a second confirm+jump hotkey, e. g. Alt+Shift+Enter should be dedicated for jumping to the next segment [or another action configurable in Preferences].



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