Speech Recognition

We hope that Memsource supports speech recognition software. 

Translators require to use some existing speech recognition software products like (Dragon) into the Memsource platform due to health conditions that have arisen in our hands due to the workload. 




  • Memsource does support the use of dictation in macOS, and it seems to work pretty well. Now sure about Windows support for the same, however.

  • On Windows, you can dictate in pretty much any language, for free, not only in Chrome, but also in any text field in Windows, using this amazing little tool: https://voicenotebook.com/

    Make sure you check:

    [✔]  Transfer to clipboard
    [✔] OS integration (off)
    You can then dictate some text, afterwards you will hear a short beep. Your dictation will now be on your clipboard, ready to be pasted into Memsource (with Ctrl+V).

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