Hotkey to cycle between the 3 in-context preview modes

Current behavior:

  • In-context preview can be managed from the menu, but not with hotkeys.

Available workaround (if any):

  • For the Editor for *Desktop*, it's possible to add a custom keyboard shortcut using a third-party tool such as Keyboard Maestro (for macOS), but this won’t work for drop-down menus in browsers.

Requested behavior:

  • Hotkeys should be assigned to cycle between Disable/Source/Target.
  • (Also in Safari on Mac, as requested specifically.)

Use case:

  • Users who prefer using the entire left side of the screen for scrolling the segments sometimes still need to check a given line in context quickly (e. g. if that is a heading). For keyboard-focussed users, roaming in the drop-down menus breaks the flow, especially on a notebook with only a trackpad and no mouse.


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