Project & job management

Option to exclude unconfirmed target strings from exports and bilinguals

Current behavior:
Unconfirmed target contents are included in the bilingual DOCX/XLIFF/TMX formats, the preview files exported from the Editors, and in the exported Completed target language files.

Available workaround:

  • Download the job in bilingual MXLIFF format and save it as a backup (note that this workaround is a risky process as it is based on the Undo functionality while your contents are likely not saved to a TM yet)
  • Open the job in Editor for Web
  • Filter unconfirmed segments
  • "Select all" and "Delete target text"
  • Wait a few seconds for syncing with the Cloud
  • Go to the browser tab with the project and export the job in the desired format
  • Go back to the Editor tab and "Undo"

You may need to unlock any locked and unconfirmed segments first, and accordingly use "Undo" multiple times after the export.

Requested behavior:
An option to exclude unconfirmed target contents from the above export formats as long as these can be rebuilt without the tags (if any).

Use case:
Certain types of project workflow may need previews with confirmed translations only.



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