Memsource Releases 2022


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v22.1 - January 25, 2022

New Features and Improvements

  • Spreadsheet documents containing more than 10,000 cells with conditional formatting and are processed with Multilingual ExcelExcel with html (Process HTML code) or Excel with Convert to Memsource tags filters will be rejected as too large/complex.

  • Ultimate and Enterprise users can now prioritize TMs added to the project and decide which TM is more relevant/important. Based on this TM priority files are pre-translated and suggestions are displayed in the CAT pane.

  • DeepL MT engine has been added into Memsource Translate as a fully managed MT engine.

  • Rozetta MT engine has been added into Memsource Translate as a fully managed MT engine.

  • Webhooks can now be configured for job deleted and project deleted events.

Fixed Bugs

v21.26 - January 11, 2022

New Features and Improvements

v21.25 - January 4, 2022

New Features and Improvements

  • Failed webhook calls can now be replayed on the History page in batches or individually. Only failed webhook calls can be selected.

Fixed Bugs

  • Exported price list files were empty. This has been fixed.

  • Updating a source file triggered validation errors with some file types. This has been fixed.

  • Extra code was being added when importing YAML files with the Markdown subfilter. This has been fixed.

  • Alignment function was triggering an unexpected error. This has been fixed.

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