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LQA Assessments

Only available in workflow steps in which LQA is enabled.


Previously created LQA annotations in the comments functionality are no longer supported. Recreate them after starting the assessment for them to count towards LQA scores.

Overall feedback cannot be provided for joined jobs.

When assessing content quality, different rules may be required for different content types or clients. Some content may need to have precise terminology and others may need to follow locale convention or be precise with target length and markup. Errors may also require different severities or assigned weights.

Add an LQA Assessment

To add an assessment, follow these steps:

  1. Select the LQA tab and click Start assessment.

  2. Select a segment.

    • To assess a particular piece of text, select the text inside the segment.

  3. Click the flag icon lqa_flag.pngnext to the segment. 

    The LQA tab opens and selected text is highlighted within the segment.

  4. Select an Error CategorySeverity and an optional description. 

    Repeat this step to add more assessments.

  5. Click Flag issue.

    LQA assessment is added and can be edit, replied to or deleted from the vertical_dot.png menu.

  6. Click Save LQA.

    Assessments are added to the LQA tab.

Segments with LQA assessments are identified with a solid flag icon solid_lqa_flag.png.

LQA Assessments

To generate the LQA assessment, click Finish in the LQA tab. Overall feedback can be optionally applied.

A score will be calculated and a result will be displayed based on the pass/fail threshold set in the LQA profile. The score and the result are displayed in the LQA tab and on the jobs table in the LQA score column if LQA is enabled for that workflow step. 

Scoring example:

A text of 500 words is set to fail LQA when it contains 1 critical Accuracy error and 1 minor Grammar error. The Accuracy error is given a weight of 2.0 and Grammar a weight of 1.0. Critical severity is penalized with 10 points and minor severity with 1 penalty point.

  1. Count the number of issues for each error category and multiply by respective severity weight and error weight:

    • Accuracy penalties = number of critical errors x critical error penalty x accuracy weight = 1 x 10 x 2.0 = 20 penalty points

    • Grammar penalties = number of minor errors x minor error penalty x grammar weight = 1 x 1 x 1.0 = 1 penalty point

  2. Add up the penalties:

    • Penalty total = Accuracy penalties + Grammar penalties = 20 + 1 = 21

  3. Calculate the pass/fail score, using the MQM scoring model [Score = 1 - Penalty total/Wordcount]:

    • Score = 1 - Penalty total/Wordcount = 1 - 21/500 = 0.958

  4. Present the score result as a percentage:

    • Score % = 0.958 x 100 = 95.8

  5. Enter Score % as your pass/fail threshold:

    • Your pass/fail threshold is 95.8 %

LQA issues in the LQA tab can be sorted by segment, severity, error category, and modification date. The scorecard can also be downloaded from the LQA tab once the job is set to complete.

Clicking on the results in the jobs table opens a scorecard window with options to send the scorecard by email or export as a spreadsheet (XLXS) file. Right-click on more than one selected job to have the option to download multiple scorecards.

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