Memsource Editor for Desktop

July 30, 2019: Memsource Editor for Desktop Release v6.234.3

New Features and Improvements

Pluralized Segments Now Supported

Memsource now supports the translation of plural-sensitive segments when working with .po files. Once plural segments are imported into Memsource, all of the plural forms will be shown to the users in separate segments. Users will be able to see which plural form is required by looking in the Context Note. This will show both the Plural Category and the Plural Example for this segment.


Memource Translate Results Now Display the MT Engine Name

When using Memsource Translate, the name of the MT engine is now displayed in the metadata. This information is shown in the results section of the CAT Pane.

Fixed Bugs

  • When using a Mac, switching between the More, QA, Changes, and CAT Panes using Ctrl + Tab would not always work. This has now been fixed.  
  • Previously, there was a QA error called Trailing spaces. Since there is already a Leading/Trailing spaces error, the Trailing spaces error has been removed.


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