Memsource Mobile For Linguists

Memsource Editor for Mobile

The Memsource Editor can also be used in the Memsource Mobile app. If you already have the app on your smartphone, you will not need to download a different version—the Editor is automatically available in versions 3.0.0 and higher. You can check which version of the app you’re running at the bottom of the User Profile section by going to More and selecting User Profile. If you need to download a newer version, you can do that at the Google Play store or the Apple store.

Available Features

The Memsource Editor for Mobile has many of the features found in the web and desktop versions. Here is a list of features that the Memsource Editor for Mobile currently has:

  • Editing and confirming segments
  • Access to the CAT Pane (including TM, TB, NT, MT, and SS matches)
  • Inserting CAT results into a translation
  • Access to the Preferences section
  • The propagation of repetitions
  • The ability to filter segments by source and target
  • The ability to navigate between segments by using a horizontal swipe
  • A job progress bar

Please note that not all of the features in the Memsource Editors for Web and Desktop are available in the mobile app. See our Main Features Not Currently Supported list below for more details.

Opening a Job in the Editor

After you set up the app, open it and select a project from the Project Dashboard. Choose the job you want to work on. After accepting the job, scroll down and select the Open in Editor button.

Open job in Mobile Editor

Once you open the job, you’ll see a list of all the segments. You'll also see two progress bars—one on the top and one on the bottom of the screen. The top progress bar shows the percentage of confirmed segments, and the bottom bar shows the number of all segments in the job.

Segments in Mobile Editor

Translating the Segments

Once you open the job, you’ll see the list of segments that need to be translated. Tap the segment you want to translate and begin editing. After you’ve typed your translation, press the Tick (Android) or Done (iOS) key on your keyboard. This will confirm the segment. The next segment will automatically load. When the last segment has been translated, you’ll see a notification telling you that there are no more segments to translate. Once you see this notice, tap Cancel in the top left corner to return to the list of translated segments.

Translating in Memsource Mobile Editor

If you need to unconfirm a segment, select the segment, tap on the Menu icon in the top right corner, and select Unconfirm. Click on Done to reconfirm the segment.

The CAT Pane

If your job has a term base, a translation memory, or machine translation associated with it, these will all be available in the Editor's CAT Pane. As you translate each segment, you’ll notice a blue "Resources" icon in the bottom right corner. Tap it and you’ll see the CAT Pane with the list of available matches.

CAT pane in Memsource Mobile Editor

Insert Tags

If you need to insert tags into your translation, you will be able to do this after you click on the < > icon in the top bar and select Insert Tag or Insert All Tags. You will also be able to Remove All Tags in the same menu.

Insert or remove tags

Main Features Not Currently Supported

Unfortunately, not every feature in the Editors for Web or Desktop is available in the Memsource Mobile app. The following features are not currently available in the mobile app:

  • Auto-complete
  • QA checks
  • Spellchecker
  • Setting a job to Completed within the Editor
  • The Search Pane
  • Find & Replace
  • Opening and editing joined jobs
  • Custom tags
  • Conversations
  • Editing source segments

Note that while it is possible for PMs to edit locked segments, Linguists will not be able to edit them.