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Memsource Editor for Mobile

The Memsource Editor is part of the Memsource Mobile app. The Editor is included from version 3.0.0. If a newer version is required, download from the Google Play store or Apple store. The application version number is found at the bottom of the User Profile.

Available Features

The Memsource Editor for Mobile has many of the features found in the web and desktop versions, but not all.
Current features:

  • Editing and confirming segments
  • Access to the CAT Pane (including TM, TB, NT, MT, and SS matches)
  • Inserting CAT results into a translation
  • Access to the Preferences section
  • The propagation of repetitions (first repetition is indicated in a bold icon)
  • The ability to filter segments by source and target
  • The ability to navigate between segments by using a horizontal swipe
  • A job progress bar
  • Auto-complete
  • Setting batch pre-translation options.

Unavailable features:

  • QA checks
  • Spellchecker
  • Setting a job to Completed within the Editor
  • The Search Pane
  • Find & Replace
  • Custom tags
  • Conversations
  • Editing source segments

PMs may edit locked segments, Linguists may not.

Opening Jobs in the Editor

  1. After the app is set up, open it, select a project from the Project Dashboard and choose a job to work on.
    The Job Details page is presented.
  2. Accept the job, then tap the Open in Editor button.
    The Editor page is presented with a list of all the segments in the selected job.

Translating Segments

  1. Tap a segment to be translated.
    The Translate page is presented with text to be translated.
  2. Provide a translation by either:
    • Entering text.
    • Tap the Resources button on the bottom right to bring up MT, TM and TB suggestions (if available).
  3. Tap Done from the keyboard to confirm the segment.
    The next segment is presented.
    Note: To Unconfirm a segment, tap the ellipse icon in the top right and select Unconfirm.
  4. Tap the X icon in the top left to return to the list of segments.

Inserting/Removing Tags

Tap the < > icon in the top bar and select Insert Tag, Insert All Tags or Remove All Tags.

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