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Memsource Technical Support Policy


For the purpose of this Memsource Technical Support Policy, please refer to the Definitions section in our Terms of Service.


You shall be responsible for providing basic “First Level” support to Your Users, including the receipt of initial support requests and basic problem identification and diagnosis. In the event that You, after providing basic support, are unable to resolve technical issues, the Memsource Technical Support team (hereinafter referred to as “Technical Support”) shall provide You with reasonable back-up support in accordance with the following Support Policy. Our Technical Support shall assist You and Your Users in troubleshooting and resolving specific issues relating to You and Your Users’ use of Memsource and partner with You and Your Users in the resolution of issues directly involving the Subscription Services that You and Your Users are unable to resolve. You are expected to fulfill reasonable troubleshooting tasks as recommended by the Technical Support team.

Support Policy

The Technical Support team is available for all paid versions of Memsource Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day and, depending on the given time of the day and the current traffic and load, a first response time is guaranteed to be provided no later than 12 hours after submission of your request (see Table 1 below). The Technical Support team provides its services in English, remotely, through written communication only and may be contacted through different channels of communication. You may need to grant access to your account to a member of the Technical Support team, which can be done in the Access and Security section, in order to help troubleshoot any issues. In cases where access is not granted, We may not be able to troubleshoot the issue. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide support, but do not guarantee that We will fix any of Memsource’s defects or make any changes to Memsource.


First Response Time, Coverage Period, and Resolution Time
First Response Time by a Support Agent       Coverage Period       Resolution Time     
12 hours 24x7  As commercially reasonable 

Contacting Support

Handling Requests

For each specific request, the Memsource Technical Support team acknowledges its receipt, creates a Support ticket, and assigns a reference number to it. If You log several different issues, We may create different Support request numbers to track each individual issue. For any reported issue with Memsource, We are going to try to replicate the issue, prepare a workaround (if available), and We will make commercially reasonable efforts to solve the ticket.

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