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Shared Jobs

Shared Jobs Introduction

Sharing jobs was the next logical step after the introduction of shared projects. Shared projects work really well if a project is shared with a single external Vendor. When multiple Vendors need to be used for a project, the solution is to use shared jobs.

For instance: 

  • A corporate Memsource customer (Buyer) can share jobs within a project with multiple Vendors where different Vendors are responsible for different target languages.
  • Or, a Buyer can pick a lead Vendor and share the project with them. The lead Vendor can then decide to work with multiple sub-Vendors and uses shared jobs for them. (This would be a combination of a shared project and shared jobs within the same project.)
  • An MLV (Multi-Language Vendor) can assign jobs to SLVs (Single-Language Vendors). Again, this is typically based on target language specialization.
  • It is possible to share a project with one Vendor and share jobs in the same project with another Vendor. However, sharing the project and its jobs with the same Vendor is not possible.

Getting Started with Shared Jobs

Once you've established the Vendor Connection, you can assign any job to any Vendor in the same way you would assign the job to your Linguist:

  1. Select the job.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. Select one or more Providers—the Vendors will be listed next to your Linguists. Hover your mouse over the name to see the tooltip.


Shared Jobs Rights

Shared jobs are much more Buyer-driven. This means that Vendor rights in a shared job are quite limited in comparison to shared projects where Vendors enjoy almost all Project Management rights.

Buyer Rights

  • The Buyer has full Project Management rights in a shared project.
  • The Buyer is not able to see the names of the Vendor's Linguists but can see the job's status set by the Vendor's Linguist.
  • The Buyer can neither see nor access the Vendor's TM and TB (if the Vendor added any to the job).
  • The Buyer is not able to edit the Vendor's Analysis or use it to create a Quote.

Vendor Rights

The vendor rights are quite limited in a shared job.

The Vendor may:

  • See only the jobs assigned to the Vendor by the Buyer.
  • See analyses assigned to the Vendor by the Buyer (that the Buyer created).
  • Add their own Memsource TM.
  • Add their own Memsource TB.
  • Split and join jobs.
  • Create analyses.
  • Assign shared jobs to the Vendor's Linguists.

The Vendor may not:

  • See jobs that are not directly assigned to them.
  • See Buyer's analyses that are not assigned to them.
  • Delete jobs.
  • Change the settings of the Buyer's translation memory or term base within the project.
  • Edit or export Buyer's TMs/TBs.
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