Salesforce Knowledge Connector

Salesforce is an online content management system that helps businesses with their marketing, sales, and commerce needs. Using our Salesforce connector, users will be able to translate content either manually or through automatic project creation. Below, you'll find instructions on how to connect your Salesforce account to Memsource.

Set up the Connector

In order to use this connector, you must first have Salesforce Knowledge enabled in your Salesforce account. You will also want to make sure that popups are enabled.

Once you have Salesforce Knowledge open and enabled, open Memsource in a new tab. Go to Setup and scroll down to the Integrations section. Click on Connectors. After clicking on New, you can choose the connector you wish to create. Give it a name and change the Type to Salesforce Knowledge.


To authenticate the connection to Salesforce, select Connect to Salesforce. A pop-up window will appear. Enter your login credentials to complete the setup and click Save. If you've entered everything correctly, you'll see a little checkmark next to the Connect to Salesforce button.


There are a few things to note when using the Salesforce Knowledge connector:

  1. The source and target language of the Memsource project must match the language settings in Salesforce. If the languages do not match, when you try to create a new job and select Add from online repository, it will not be possible to select the Salesforce Knowledge connector. The Salesforce Knowledge language settings can be found within the main Knowledge Settings in Salesforce. If the languages are changed after the connector has been set up in Memsource, the connector will need to be set up again.
  2. Articles must be published before they are sent to Memsource for translation. The connector does not work with articles that are saved as drafts.
  3. If there is an iframe in an article that is imported into Memsource for translation, the content in the iframe will not be translated.