Box Connector

Available in:

  • All editions

Box is a cloud content management and file sharing service that lets users easily and securely store and share documents.

Box connector allows the downloading of source files and uploading of target files directly to/from the Box repository. The connector uses the Box API to implement the integration.

Box Connector Use Cases

There are a number of use cases for the connector:

  • Project Managers can add files directly to projects from an online repository
  • Set up the Automation Widget allowing Submitters to add files to requests directly from the online repository.
  • Use Automated Project Creation (APC) to have Memsource automatically create new projects when a change in the last modified date is detected in monitored files or a folder.
    • Selected files are imported the very first time APC runs. All files are imported when a folder is monitored.
    • This connector supports absolute path setting.
  • Set up Continous Jobs to have Memsource monitor selected files for changes.
  • The Connector API can be used to automate steps otherwise performed manually through the UI. Webhooks can be used to have Memsource notify 3rd party systems about certain events (for example, a job status change). 

Connect to Box

Box Settings:

No changes are required.

Memsource Settings:

  1. From the Setup ( ) page, scroll down to the Integrations section. Click on Connectors.
    The Connectors page opens.
  2. Click New
    The Create Connector page opens.
  3. Provide a name for the connection and change the Type to Box.
  4. Click Connect to Box.
    A popup window or a new tab will appear requesting authorization.
  5. Click on Grant access to Box.
    If successful, the window/tab will disappear and a small checkmark appears next to the Connect to Box button.
  6. Click Save.
    The connector is added to the list on the Connectors page.

If a default project, branch, and folder is required when connecting to a Box account, open the connector configuration and click the Select Remote Folder button to set it.