May 21, 2019: Memsource Release v6.98

New Features and Improvements

Completed Jobs Can Now be Opened for Reading

Completed jobs in read-only mode are now clickable, allowing Linguists to more easily respond to comments in these jobs. These jobs will also be downloadable as read-only jobs. 


Confluence Connector is Now Available

Memsource now supports a Confluence Connector, allowing users to translate their content either manually or through Automatic Project Creation


Terms Can Now be Filtered by Metadata

Terms can now be filtered by metadata, allowing for faster and more convenient searches through your term base. Users can choose to filter terms either one at a time or by using several filters at once.


Export of Home Page Dashboards into CSV

Each Home Page dashboard chart can now be exported in the CSV format. These results will include not just the Top 10 results as displayed in the charts, but all available results.


Fixed Bugs

  • When exporting a term base as an XLS file, the checkbox that allows users to export notes was missing. This has now been fixed.
  • An issue that caused the Preview Translation option to not work in the desktop Editor has been resolved.
  • Previously, translation memories and term bases imported from templates would be set up differently than in the template. This has now been fixed.


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