April 23, 2019: Memsource Release v6.96

New Features and Improvements

Improvements Made to the AEM Plugin

Our AEM plugin has been updated to also support AEM version 6.3. 


Feedback Questionnaires are Now Available

Memsource now has a feedback questionnaire located at the top of your Memsource UI. This will help us gain a better understanding of customer satisfaction and how likely users would be to recommend Memsource to others.


Fixed Bugs

  • Recently, changes were made to prevent translation memories from being duplicated in projects that were created from a template. This issue has been resolved.
  • Due to a bug, Project Managers sometimes had more rights than intended. This has now been fixed.
  • An issue affecting APIs that allowed users to set penalties higher than 100% for translation memories has been resolved.


Have you come across other bugs?

Thank you for letting our Support team know.