Contentstack Connector

Contentstack allows you to create and manage content that can be published to websites, mobile apps, and other channels. Real-time collaboration between users is also possible. You can set the connector up to manually access those folders to create translation jobs in Memsource, or you can configure Automated Project Creation to initiate jobs based on rules that you define in a project template.

Before setting up the connector, there are a few things to note: 

  • Contentstack does not support languages without locales. Because of this, you'll need to use localized languages such as French (France) or English (United States).
  • Contentstack API auth tokens are limited to 20 per stack. This is because the connector obtains a new auth token when you log in, and after several account info calls, any other connector (if it exists) could stop working. In order to avoid this, creating more than one connector per stack is not recommended.

Set up the Connector

In order to set up the Contentstack connector, you'll need your Contentstack username (your email address) and password. You'll also need an API key.

To get your API key, log into your Contentstack account. Click on the down arrow in the header and select Memsource. Then, hover your mouse over the Memsource stack and select Open Stack.


On this next page, click the Settings wheel and select Stack. Once you do, you'll see a field with your API Key on the right-hand side. Copy this key—you'll need it to connect Contentful to Memsource. 

Once you have your Contentstack API key, navigate to Memsource and log in. Go to Setup and scroll down to the Integrations section. Click on Connectors. After clicking on New, you can choose the connector you wish to create. Give it a name and change the Type to Contentstack. Fill in your credentials and click on Sign in. If the credentials are correct, a tick will appear next to the Test Connect button.


Sometimes, the connector can become invalid. If this happens, it’ll be shown with a red exclamation mark. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • Users revoke the access
  • Users change their credentials for a remote service (Dropbox, Google, Contentstack, etc.)

If this happens, the Contentstack connector’s edit dialog will show a Re-authenticate button that you can use to re-establish the connection.