February 26, 2019: Memsource Release v6.92

New Features and Improvements

Providers are Now Included in Quote Reports

Project Managers and Administrators will now be able to see which providers are assigned to a job when generating a Quote Report, making it easier to pay invoices to providers. If the quote is assigned to a Linguist or a Vendor, the cell will contain the Linguist's username or the Vendor's organization name, respectively. If the quote is not assigned to any provider, the cell will remain empty.


Headers and Footers from Global Templates Now Translated in Marketo

When the content of these emails is translated, a new email will be created in Marketo and all of the source email parameters will be copied to the translated template. Text from alt and title attributes will also be translated.


Prefill the Price List and Net Rate Scheme When Assigning Quotes

If a provider who already has a price list or a net rate scheme assigned to them is assigned to a project, these fields will be filled in automatically. When editing a quote, the price list and net rate schemes will also be updated based on the provider that was assigned.


SAML-based login with Microsoft AD FS is Now Supported

This will make it easier for organizations to log in and access their accounts.

Fixed Bugs

  • When a project is canceled, the jobs inside it would not always be canceled. If an Admin or a Project Manager cancels the project, a warning will be displayed informing them that this will cancel all jobs within the project. The canceled jobs will now also be correctly updated in the Linguist Portal and moved to the Completed tab.
  • Previously, when a Vendor's subscription expired, they might still be listed as active. This has now been fixed.
  • Some tooltips have been redesigned to make sure they display properly and have been repositioned so that file names will not be obscured underneath.
  • Sometimes, text that contained underscores was incorrectly left as plain text when it should have been converted to tags. This has now been fixed.
  • Superscripts (such as 1st ) would become corrupted in XLIFF 2.0 files, preventing them from being imported into other CAT tools. This issue has been corrected.


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