January 29, 2019: Memsource Release v6.90

New Features and Improvements

New Version of MTQE Available

The second version of the AI-powered Machine Translation Quality Estimation feature is now available.

There are two main improvements: quality scores will be available in up to four times more segments, including an increased number of longer segments, and the scoring categories have been redefined to make them easier to understand.

Below are the new categories and their descriptions:

100%: Perfect MT output, probably no post-editing required.
99%: Near-perfect MT output—possibly minor post-editing required for mostly formatting or punctuation issues.
75%: High-quality MT output, and worth post-editing.
No score: When there is no score, this means MTQE cannot confidently identify the quality (it may be high or low), so the output needs to be checked by a Linguist.

The first version of MTQE focused on perfect and near-perfect machine translation output, the majority of which was short segments. Thanks to the new 75% category in the second version of MTQE, a lot more MT output of more varied quality will receive a score.

How is MTQE used? See our MTQE help center article for more information.


Automated Email for Disabled Webhooks

We have previously implemented a counter which automatically disables webhooks after 100 failed attempts from Memsource. With this release, we are implementing an automated email that will inform the account's administrators that a webhook has been disabled. 

The wording of the email can also be customized in a newly created WEBHOOK_DISABLED email template. 

Fixed Bugs

  • Importing a Bilingual DOCX where the length of the segment has been significantly increased (e.g. by adding newlines), the content of the segment may have been cropped, thus removing part of the text. This bug has now been fixed.
  • Lengthy analysis names may have prevented an analysis from being completed in the first place. This bug has now been fixed.
  • Using the {job.previousWorkflow.dateDue} macro to provide Linguists in higher workflow steps did not include the deadline if the email was sent at job creation. This bug is now resolved. 
  • Due to a bug, there was a short time period when accounts were not automatically extended despite a successful payment. This bug is now resolved and all accounts should be extended correctly.
  • Job Board postings were temporarily unavailable, but the issue was resolved and the Job Board should now work as expected.
  • Folders in Marketo that contained an apostrophe in their name failed to open when using the Memsource connector. This bug was fixed. 
  • For some users, the monthly 2 million characters did not renew as expected. This has now been resolved and characters should be correctly added each month. 


Have you come across any other bugs?

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