Memsource Editor for Desktop

January 22, 2019: Memsource Editor for Desktop Release v6.225.4

New Features and Improvements

Display Translations From Other Target Languages

A new tab, called More, has been added to the side panel of Memsource Editor which allows translators to display other target languages’ translations for the segment they are currently working on.

The feature allows translators to consult other languages' matches once those are confirmed into TMs, in order to gain more context and increase consistency.

The best possible TM match (99% and higher) for other target languages included in the project is shown, while the matches coming from the project currently being worked on will have preference.

Such matches can be inserted into target segments in the same way as matches from the CAT tab.



Improved Visual Consistency in QA

We are constantly improving the customer experience when working with our Editor. In this spirit, we have introduced the following improvements to the Quality Assurance of Memsource:

  • Active QA warnings are highlighted with the same color that is used for active segments in the translation table.
  • There is now improved visual connection between and orientation among warnings and related segments.
  • Instead of warning sequence numbers, the QA warnings list shows the corresponding segment numbers; the QA warnings concerning the same segment are grouped together.
  • When a QA warning is activated in the QA list, the respective segment in the translation table is activated and scrolled to and vice versa.



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