Google Drive Connector

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service designed to integrate with most operating systems and devices, sync content in real time across multiple devices, and act as a backup repository for data—i.e., if a device breaks, gets stolen, or fails, the data will still be retrievable from another device. It frees up space on local hard drives and can be used as a platform for sending or receiving files that are too big to be emailed. Real-time collaboration between users is also possible.

The Memsource Google Drive connector is able to read the folders that you specify in Google Drive. You can manually access those folders to create translation jobs in Memsource, or you can configure Automated Project Creation to initiate jobs based on rules that you define in a project template.

Note that Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides use specialized file formats that Memsource cannot natively support. Our connector therefore converts those file types to .docx, .xlsx, or .pptx, respectively, for processing. When a translation of any of those types of files is completed and uploaded back to Google Drive, they will be automatically converted back into their native Google format.

Supported File Formats

In addition to supporting all file formats that can be imported into Google Drive, Memsource also supports Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Set up the Connector

To set up your connector, navigate to Setup and scroll down to the Integrations section. Click on Connectors. After clicking on New, you can choose the connector you wish to create. Give it a name and change the Type to Google Drive. Click on Connect to Google Drive. A Google authentication screen will appear where you can select your account.  Click on Allow so that Memsource can access your Google Drive files. Then, click Save.

Google Drive Privacy Policy

By using this service, you agree that Memsource can access your Google Drive, browse files and folders, access and download selected files, upload the translated versions back to your Google Drive, and access and download native Google documents in your Google Drive. Our use of Google user data is limited to the practices explicitly disclosed in this privacy policy.


If you are experiencing either of the following issues, please visit your Google account page and follow the instructions below.

  • A red exclamation mark displays next to your Google Connector, saying that your Google account is no longer valid.
  • You are unable to add an additional Google connector because Google only allows one connector per Google account.

From your Google account page, click on your account (in the top right corner). Click Security on the left, and scroll down to Third-party apps with account access. From here, click on Manage third-party access. If "Memsource Connector" is listed here, you can delete it and try creating a Google Drive connector again.


Note: Google Drive cannot export very large Google Docs files. (That is, files created within the Google Drive; other imported files can be downloaded without limitations.) If the file is over a certain size (approximately 10 MB), you will get the error "The file is too large to be exported" and the job will not be created. In this case, please try downloading the file and uploading it to Memsource manually.