December 4, 2018: Memsource Release v6.86

New Features and Improvements

Splitting PowerPoint Files by Document Parts

PowerPoint files can now be split by the individual slides instead of by the number of words or segments. This way, users can be assigned to specific slides, e.g. those related by content.


New Language—Nuer

Memsource now supports the Nuer language with the language code nus.


MT(QE) Payments in CZK 

We now offer the option to pay for MT and MTQE services in Czech Korunas.


Disabling Auto-propagation of Repetitions Enforced For PMs

Up until now, Project Managers could block Linguist users from enabling the Auto-propagate repetition option. This, however, did not apply to Project Manager users, who could effectively still overwrite the setting using the Editor. 

Now, if the option Users may turn on/turn off auto-propagation of repetitions in editors is disabled in the Project Settings, no user (PM or Linguist) is able to enable auto-propagation in the Editor.


File Information Tooltip Moved

Previously, when hovering over the filename, a tooltip would appear displaying basic information about the way the file was imported along with a button enabling users to re-use the same import settings. To ensure the filename is visible at all times, the tooltip will now be displayed only if you hover over the newly added '...' icon. 



Continuous Job Information Displayed in a Tooltip

Similar to standard jobs, the tooltip for Continuous Jobs will show the standard tooltip information (shown above) plus information about when the file was last updated.


MTQE and NT Scores Exported into Bilingual DOCX

The scores given to the segments from NT or MTQE will now also be displayed in the Bilingual DOCX file. 


Customize Analysis Name Using Macros

Similar to File Renaming, it is now possible to customize names that are given to analyses which are generated. 



Set Default Role for Users Created via SSO

When using SSO, users that were created via the SAML provisioning were automatically assigned the role of a Linguist. Administrator users can now decide to what role these users will be assigned. 


Automatically Assign Widget to Submitters

A new option, Assign Widget to new Submitters, is now available for the Automation Widget, which will automatically assign the Widget to any Submitter user created in the account. 


New MT Engine—Mirai Translator

Memsource now supports the Mirai Translator MT engine.


New Supported File Format—VTT

Memsource now supports the VTT file format.

Fixed Bugs

  • Buyers' net rate schemes were shown to the Vendor as a blank field. This bug has been fixed.
  • When resubscribing after a break in the subscription, the start date of the next subscription was not displayed correctly. This issue is now fixed. 
  • Filenames downloaded via the REST APIs are now correctly URI encoded. 
  • A parameter "originalFileDirectory" was missing from the Get Job REST API call which has now been added.
  • Due to a bug, Email Login emails did not send the message to CC and BCC email addresses. This has now been fixed.
  • It wasn't possible to download some XML files from the system. This is now fixed.


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