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New Job Published on Job Board Email Template


 New job published on Job board  

Suggested name:

 New Job Published on Job Board (en)  

Suggested subject:

 Job Board: {jobBoardPosting.title}  

Suggested body:

Dear {recipient.firstName},

We are writing to you because you have signed up for a Memsource account and we would like to let you know 
about an opportunity that may be of interest to you.

A new job has been published on Memsource job board.

* Title: {jobBoardPosting.title}
* From {jobBoardPosting.sourceLang} to: {jobBoardPosting.targetLang}
* Wordcount: {jobBoardPosting.wordsCount}
* Subject area: {jobBoardPosting.subject}
* Quoting deadline: {jobBoardPosting.dateClosed}
* Delivery deadline: {jobBoardPosting.dateDelivery}

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P.S. This email has been generated automatically.

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