Memsource REST API

Supported Currencies

All ISO 4217 active currency codes are supported, except for the codes listed below:

Code Currency
XTS        Code reserved for testing purposes
XAG        Silver (one troy ounce)
XBC European Unit of Account 9 (E.U.A.-9) (bond market unit)
USN        United States dollar (next day) (funds code)
XAU        Gold (one troy ounce)
XBB        European Monetary Unit (E.M.U.-6) (bond market unit)
XBA        European Composite Unit (EURCO) (bond market unit)
XXX        No currency
XPT        Platinum (one troy ounce)
XDR        Special drawing rights
USS        United States dollar (same day) (funds code)
MXV        Mexican Unidad de Inversion (UDI) (funds code)
CLF        Unidad de Fomento (funds code)
XPD        Palladium (one troy ounce)
XBD European Unit of Account 17 (E.U.A.-17) (bond market unit)
XFU        UIC franc (special settlement currency)
XSU        SUCRE
XUA        ADB Unit of Account


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