Memsource Legacy API

Translation Memory Asynchronous API v2


Memsource Legacy API will be deprecated in September 2020. It is disabled for all new organization accounts created after May 7th 2019.
Please use Memsource REST API instead.

Export By Query

action: api/async/v2/transMemory/exportByQuery
    token                    string
    transMemory              domain(TransMemory)
    exportTargetLang         list(locale) 
    query                    string                       (up to 255 long)
    queryLang                list(locale)
    createdAtMin             datetime                     O
    createdAtMax             datetime                     O
    modifiedAtMin            datetime                     O
    modifiedAtMax            datetime                     O
    createdBy                domain(User)                 O
    modifiedBy               domain(User)                 O
    filename                 string                       O
    project                  domain(Project)              O

response: JSON
           "query":"english text",
Note for query (string):
* text is case insensitive
* you can use wildcards - *, ?, example: OneDriv?, OneDr*
* search specific phrase in double quotes ", example: "blue car"
* boolean operators:
   - the following word must not be present
   + the following word must be present
   AND (alternative &&) - case sensitive
   OR (alternative ||) - case sensitive
   NOT (alternative !) - case sensitive 
* grouping clauses in parentheses, example: (red OR green) AND car
* reserved characters: + - && || ! ( ) " * ? \, can be escaped with \

Download Export

action: api/async/v2/transMemory/downloadExport
    token                string
    asyncRequest         domain(AsyncRequest)
    format               enum(TransMemory.Format)     O(TMX)

response: binary

response headers
    Content-Disposition         file name
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