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New Response from Job Board Email Template


 New response from Job board 

Suggested name:

 New Response from Job Board (en) 

Suggested subject:

 Job Board: New Response to {jobBoardPosting.title}  

Suggested body:

Dear {recipient.firstName},

You have received a new response from the Memsource job board.

Project: {project.url}
Target language: {jobBoardResponse.targetLang}
All responses: {jobBoardResponse.url}

Applicant name: {}
Email: {}
Wordcount: {jobBoardPosting.wordsCount}
Word rate: {jobBoardResponse.wordRate}
Total for the job: {}
CV or LinkedIn profile: {jobBoardResponse.profileUrl}
Note: {jobBoardResponse.note}

To contact the applicant, simply reply to this email.

To find out more about the job board, visit:
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