Memsource Legacy API

Provider API v2


Memsource Legacy API will be deprecated in September 2020. It is disabled for all new organization accounts created after May 7th 2019.
Please use Memsource REST API instead.

 List Providers

action: api/v2/provider/list
    token                       string
    project                     domain(Project)
    jobPart                     domain(JobPart)

response: JSON
   "providers": {
     "all": [
       {  // user
         "id": 8,
         "firstName": "English",
         "lastName": "Linguist",
         "userName": "plinguist",
         "email": "",
         "role": "LINGUIST",
         "timezone": "Europe/London",
         "active": true,
         "deleted": false,
         "terminologist": false,
         "dateCreated": "2017-05-04T08:41:15+0000"
         "id": 6,
         "firstName": "Admin",
         "lastName": "Organizatorov I",
         "userName": "orgadmin1",
         "email": "",
         "role": "ADMIN",
         "timezone": "Europe/London",
         "active": true,
         "deleted": false,
         "terminologist": false,
         "dateCreated": "2017-04-28T14:58:10+0000"
       {  // vendor
         "id": 7,
         "name": "Vendor Organization",
         "approved": true,
         "discovered": false
     "discovered": [ ... ],  // these sections contain same data model as `all`
     "relevant": [ ... ]
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