Deprecated Legacy API

MT Engines API

Here is a list of enums used as MachineTranslator values in API

Value MT Engine
ApertiumTranslateSettings Apertium
CrossLangTranslateSettings CrossLang
GlobaleseTranslateSettings Globalese
GoogleTranslateSettings Google Translate
KantanMtTranslateSettings KantanMT
MicrosoftTranslateSettings Microsoft Translator
MicrosoftHubTranslateSettings Microsoft Translator Hub
MicrosoftWithFeedbackTranslateSettings Microsoft with Feedback
MoraviaMtTranslateSettings MoraviaMT
NictTranslateSettings NICT
AsiaOnlineTranslateSettings Omniscien Technologies
PromtTranslateSettings PROMT
PangeaMtTranslateSettings PangeaMT
SdlBeGlobalTranslateSettings SDL BeGlobal
SdlLanguageCloudTranslateSettings SDL Language Cloud
SafabaTranslateSettings Safaba
SystranTranslateSettings Systran
TauyouTranslateSettings Tauyou
TauyouRealTimeTranslateSettings Tauyou Real-time
LetsMtTranslateSettings Tilde MT



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