Getting Started for Project Managers

Getting Started for Project Managers

Project Managers have a specified role in Memsource and are responsible for the creation or modification of Projects, the creation or modification of Jobs, some user management, and resources management.

For training resources, see our webinars (registration required) or find a certified trainer.

The first step for a Project Manager is to login. When a Project Manager logs in, they are presented with the Project page. If new to Memsource, there will be no projects on the page and a project will need to be created.

The next step is to provide some translation resources for the Linguists:

Users are now required to work on the projects. Depending on the project, one or more Linguist users need to be created.

Jobs can now be created and assigned to the Linguists.

Although it is easy to setup a Project, Jobs, users and create assignments, there are many features of Memsource that will aid in saving translation time, automating processes and managing the translation workflow. It is highly recommended to spend some time looking into these features before getting started.

See the Introduction to Memsource for Project Managers under the product tab of our Webinar page.

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