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Compare Analysis

This article will discuss the Compare Analysis feature. For more general analysis information, please see our main Analysis article.

The Compare Analysis feature is available only in projects with Workflow steps (available in the Team, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions only). This type of analysis makes it possible to compare two versions of a file in different Workflow steps and analyze to what extent the two versions differ. For example, comparing the Translation and Review steps gives the actual effort of the Reviewer (that is, how much the translation changed in the Review step). 

Creating a Compare Analysis

  1. In the project, select the Workflow step that you want to work with first.

  2. Select the job you want to compare.
  3. Click the Analyze button.
  4. For the type, select Compare.
  5. Select the second Workflow step that you want to compare.

The Results

The results will show how many segments were edited by the Reviewer and how much was changed.

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