Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE)

Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE) is an AI-powered feature that provides segment-level quality estimations for machine translation (MT) suggestions. It is similar to the quality estimations for translation memory (TM) matches and non-translatables (NT).

The instant MT quality scores help guide post-editing and can be used to enhance the default (pre-translation) analysis and to assess MT engine quality.

MTQE is available as a standalone feature for any MT engine supported in Memsource or through Memsource Translate.

To learn more about the benefits of MTQE, see our blog article.

Quality Scores

Scoring categories:

  • 100% -Excellent MT match, probably no post-editing required
  • 99% - Near-perfect MT output, possibly minor post-editing required for mostly typographical errors
  • 75% - Good MT match, but likely to require some post-editing
  • No score - When there is no score, it is very likely that the MT output is of low quality. In general, it is recommended that this output not be post-edited but used for reference only.

MTQE scores appear at the segment level together with other translation resources (TM, NT, TB). Match origin is presented in a tooltip and at the bottom of the CAT panel in the metadata section.


Display quality-estimated machine translation matches in Memsource Editors (Beta) must be selected in Pre-translation options in order to see MT scores in the editor. This option is selected by default.


MTQE can be enabled for specific MT engines supported by Memsource. It is also automatically available with any of the engines supported by the Memsource Translate solution.

To enable MTQE for a specific MT engine, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Setup ( ).
  2. Scroll down to the Integrations section.
  3. Click on Machine Translation Engines.
  4. Select the applicable MT engine and click Edit
  5. Select the MT Quality Estimation option.
  6. Click Save.
    A checkmark appears under Quality Estimation in the MT settings page. 

Using MTQE

When enabled for an MT engine, MTQE is available in projects with this MT engine selected. If using Memsource Translate, MTQE is available in projects with Memsource Translate as the selected MT engine type.

MTQE does not support all language combinations. See MTQE Support Languages.


With MTQE enabled, Default Analysis includes MT scores alongside the TM and NT scores. This can be turned off in Analysis options.


In addition to the instant, segment-level, quality matches in the Memsource Editor, MTQE is used in pre-translation. This can be turned off in Pre-translate options.

See Pre-translate for more information. 

Buying Characters 

MTQE requires purchased characters. These are automatically available when purchased for Memsource Translate but characters are vendor specific; characters available for Microsoft Translator can only be used for the Microsoft Translator MT engine and characters available for Google Translate would only be usable by the Google Translate engine.