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Cookies and other technologies

Memsource’s websites, online services, and interactive applications may use cookies to better understand your online preferences and tailor Memsource websites to your needs. The information gathered from the cookies also helps Memsource to provide you with a better user experience. The statistics are completely anonymous and Memsource cannot identify you personally.

Where it is not linked or connected to identifiers or other information that is considered personal data by local law, we generally treat information collected by cookies and other technologies as non-personal data.   


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that may be stored on your device by a web server, and they usually contain some information about your browsing activity on the website (e.g. the name of the website from which the cookie has come from and how long it will remain on your device).

The cookies used on the Memsource websites are either "session cookies" or "persistent cookies". Session cookies are stored only temporarily for the duration of your stay at a website. They are deleted as soon as you close your browser. Persistent cookies have a so-called “lifetime”. This is the fixed period that a cookie is stored on your device after the browser has closed. Every time you visit a website where a cookie was generated, the cookie is activated.


What categories of cookies do we use?


These cookies are strictly necessary to allow us to operate the Memsource websites, online services or interactive applications. If you prevent them through your browser settings, we cannot guarantee how our websites, online services or interactive applications will perform for you.


We use cookies and other technologies to honor choices you have made on how you would like Memsource platforms to function when you access them.

For example, we use functional cookies to remember personal data when you visit our websites to make your experience more convenient and personal. These cookies are not strictly necessary but can enhance your experience.  


We use cookies to:

  • analyze the performance of our websites;
  • maintain, operate, and continually improve our websites; and
  • analyze the use of our websites.  

The information collected by these cookies is anonymous and cannot be used to identify you. These cookies are not strictly necessary.

What specific cookies do we use?

Memsource Cookies on






Google Analytics cookie

1 day



Google Analytics cookie

2 years



Session ID


Functionality/ Preference


Session ID


Functionality/ Preference


Session ID




Session ID




Session Management, User Authentication,  
Content Management

10 years



How can you manage your cookies?

Many web browsers allow you to manage your preferences.  You can set your browser to refuse cookies or to delete certain cookies.  You may be able to manage other tracking technologies in the same way that you manage cookies using your browser’s preferences.

You can visit, which provides detailed information on managing cookies on popular browsers.

If you do choose to refuse or delete cookies, please note that not all elements of the website, online services or interactive applications may function as intended, so your experience of these may be affected.

Effective as of: 20 September 2018.


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