Manage Machine Translation via Memsource

Please note: Manage Machine Translation via Memsource will no longer be available from March 2019. It is becoming part of our new machine translation management solution.
• If you still have MT characters in your account for Microsoft Translator, Microsoft Hub, or Microsoft Custom Translator, which you purchased via Memsource, you will be able to use them for up to four months.
• Starting in March, you will not be able to purchase any new characters through Manage MT via Memsource. However, it will be possible to purchase characters that can be used with both Microsoft Translator and Google Translate using Memsource's new solution.

Memsource users can now purchase machine translation characters and track machine translation character usage directly in Memsource.

Purchasing Machine Translation Characters

Currently, it is only possible to purchase characters for Microsoft Translator, Microsoft Translator Hub, and Microsoft Custom Translator. When you manage Microsoft Translator, Microsoft Translator Hub, or Microsoft Custom Translator in Memsource, you receive 2 million free characters per month.

If you select Microsoft Translator (+free characters), Microsoft Translator Hub (+free characters), or Microsoft Custom Translator (+free characters) from the list of supported MT engines, you will automatically create an MT engine that is managed via Memsource. This means you can purchase MT characters for this engine in Memsource without creating an account in Microsoft.

If you have an existing Microsoft Translator or Microsoft Translator Hub account that you want to manage via Memsource, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Click on the Settings wheel in the top right corner. Scroll down to Intregrations and select Machine Translation Engines. On the Machine Translation Settings page, select the MT engine and click Create.

Step 2: Fill in the required fields. Make sure to click the Get free characters check box.

Step 3: Click Save.

To opt out of managing an MT engine via Memsource, see the main Machine Translation article.

Buy More Characters

To buy more characters, select Buy Characters next to the appropriate MT engine on the Machine Translation Settings page.

There are three bundles available:

  • 2 million characters - $20 (€17)
  • 5 million characters - $50 (€43)
  • 10 million characters - $100 (€86)

Select a bundle and then follow the instructions on the payment pages.

Once you have bought the characters, you will see the that they have been added to the Remaining characters column on the Machine Translation Settings page.

An invoice will be automatically generated. A link to the invoice will be available in the green banner that appears when the payment has been successful. It can also be viewed by going to Setup and clicking on Details in the Subscription section. The invoice will be called Machine Translation.

Note: There is no time limit when it comes to using up these characters. Once they are purchased, they will remain in your account.

How Free and Paid Characters Are Used

When using Microsoft Translator (+free characters), Microsoft Translator Hub (+free characters), or Microsoft Custom Translator (+free characters) via Memsource, your balance of free characters will be topped up to 2 million every month. Unused free characters are not carried over to the next month. If you purchase characters on top of your free characters, the free characters are always consumed first.

For example: You set up an MT engine and receive 2 million free characters. Then, you buy another 5 million characters. During the month you only consume 1.5 million characters. This means that next month we will give you another 1.5 million free characters and none of the 5 million characters you purchased will be consumed.

Monitoring Character Usage

On the Machine Translation's Settings page, you will see a usage chart for the different MT engines in your account. Currently, the chart can only display data from the past 30 days. You can view data for a specific engine by deselecting the names of the other engines at the bottom of the chart. 

Please note: By default, Project Managers will only be able to see data related to projects they have created. For PMs to see all data for all projects in an organization, an Admin user for the organization will need to adjust the user settings by clicking on Users on the left side of the screen. Select the appropriate user and click Edit. Near the bottom of the page is the section Home page Dashboards, where you will be able to change the data that Project Managers can see. 

A final note on Characters

With the supported MT engines, Microsoft Translator and Microsoft Translator Hub, you will see the number of remaining characters available for each of the engines on the far right. As you use the characters, this number will decrease. For other MT engines, the remaining characters will be unknown.