August 29, 2018: Memsource Release v6.79

New Features and Improvements

New Parameters in REST API Calls to Gather and Edit Information about Users

It is now possible to use additional parameters in the REST APIs to gather and edit information about users.

The following parameters have been added to the PUT, POST, and GET methods:

  • Reject jobs
  • Enable MT
  • Receive Memsource Newsletter
  • Edit all terms in TB
  • Edit translations in TM

For more information on how to use these new parameters, please visit our REST API Help Center article


New MT Engine—Microsoft Custom Translator

Another machine translation has been added to our long list of supported engines.

Memsource now supports Microsoft Custom Translator. Custom Translator is a feature of the Microsoft Translator services that allows enterprises, app developers, and language service providers to build neural translation systems that understand the terminology used in their own business and industry. Find out more about Microsoft Custom Translator.

You can also see our range of MT engines for more information on Microsoft Custom Translator and our other supported engines.

Improved Term Base View

Additional control options have been added to make it easier for users to navigate and organize multilingual term bases.

Users could already drag and drop columns to desired places and view certain languages next to each other. We have now added a drag&drop icon to make it more visible and user-friendly.

In addition, a new option (Make Leftmost) has been added to the header of each language. When clicked, the entire language column is moved to the leftmost position on the screen, placing it directly next to the language of the search. This way, users can easily move target languages and compare them with their respective source language.

Both new options are outlined in red in the image below.


These same options are already available for translation memories.

Learn more about managing term bases.


Access Previous Versions of REST API 

Users can now access historical versions of our REST API. 

This is already possible with our legacy API documentation, but for a time this wasn’t possible with our REST documentation. Now, to access different versions, users can select the V1 or V2 sections.

Access our REST API documentation


New Login Page

As another step in improving our UI, we have updated and changed the current login page for Memsource as shown in the screenshot below.


Fixed Bugs

  • Projects created from the Automation Widget sometimes did not include Purchase Order numbers manually inserted by Submitters. This bug has now been resolved.
  • On some occasions, Home Page Dashboards sometimes showed No data available. This problem has been resolved, and the charts should always contain relevant information.
  • A problem where columns in Multilingual XLSX files got imported out of order is now also resolved. 


Have you come across any other bugs?

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