File Import Settings

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

Context NoteContext Key and Max. target length are not processed for files of more than 10 MB.

File Types

  • .JSON

Import Options

  • Use HTML subfilter

    Imports HTML tags contained in the file. Tags can then be used with HTML File Import Settings.

  • Convert to Memsource tags

    Apply regular expressions to convert specified text to tags.

  • Import specific keys only (use regexp)

  • Exclude specific keys (use regexp)

  • Context note

    Matching content is displayed in context notes.

  • Max. target length

    Import elements or the maximum target length for each element.

  • Context key

    Constitutes TM context (101% matches) if applicable.


../note and ../length used in import settings


  • Import specific keys only (use regexp)


  • Context note


  • Max. target length


	"title":"text for translation 1",
	"note": "note for text 1",
	"description":"text for translation 2",
	"note": "note for text 2",
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