Users and Roles

Project Manager Overview

Project Managers are in charge of project management, the creation or modification of projects, assignment creation, and resources management.

Although Project Managers can have almost the same rights as the Administrator, they still have the following default restrictions:

  • Not allowed to create/edit/delete Administrator users

  • Not allowed to view and modify:

    • Subscription

    • Custom Logo

    • Domains

    • File Renaming

    • Machine Translation

    • Subdomains


A PM can be assigned as the Owner of a project, project template, TM, or TB created by another user and gains the same user rights as if it had been created by them.

PM permissions can be set so that they don't have the right to view/edit/delete projects created by other users unless the PM is set as the Owner of the project.

Job Owner

Apart from being the Owner of an entire project, project template, TM, or TB, Project Managers and Administrators can also become Job Owners. Each user who imports a job into a project automatically becomes the Job Owner and receives notifications of status changes of such jobs.

Set Project Manager User Rights

Project Managers user rights are set by an Administrator and can be very restrictive if required.

To set PM user rights, follow these steps:

  1. From the Users page, select a user and click Edit.

    The Edit User page opens.

  2. Ensure the Role is Project Manager.

    Settings specific to the Project Manager role are displayed.

  3. Select required restrictions and click Save.

    Settings are applied to the specified user.

If both client and business units are specified, only projects, templates, TMs, or TBs where both the client and business units are specified are available.

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