Users and Roles

User Roles Overview

Memsource provides five different roles that user accounts can be attributed to and two roles that functions as organizations for the sharing of resources.

User licensing information can be found here.

Individual account types:


  • Buyer

  • Vendor

Multiple Accounts

Users can have more than one Memsource account as long as each account has a unique username. Translators can also work for several different agencies as Linguists and can have their own Team Start edition account as well.

If using multiple accounts, care must be taken with using the correct username and password to access a specific job. Only the account of the user assigned a job can be used to access that job.

Consider investing in Team Start edition and acting as a Vendor so agencies can share projects or jobs.

Users Page

The Users page is accessed through either the left-hand navigation panel or clicking Users under the Administration menu in Setup Setup_gear.png.

From the Users page, Administrators and Project Managers can:

  • Create or delete users.

  • Bulk import new users.

  • Edit user details, role, rights, set relevancy and other options.

  • Email login instructions.

  • View login history (last three months).

Create a User


Usernames must always be unique to not only the organization but to the whole of Memsource. Do not use a deleted username for creating a new user.

For security reasons, the &, ", <, and > characters cannot used be in usernames.

It is recommended to prefix usernames to ensure their uniqueness.


J. Doe of ABC Organization = ABC_j.doe.

J.Doe of DEF Company = DEF_j.doe.

To create a user, follow these steps:

  1. Users can be created from two places:

    • Click the Users Panel_plus.png in the panel menu.

    • Click New from the Users page.

  2. Provide user information, Username, Role, Time Zone, role based options and Relevancy if required.

  3. Click Create.

    New user is added to the list on the User page.

  4. User sets a password.

Bulk Import Users

To create several users at the same time, an XLSX table containing user data can be imported. A pre-formatted table is available to download to help with the import.

For security reasons, the &, ", <, and > characters cannot used be in usernames.

To bulk import users, follow these steps:

  1. From the Users page, click Import.

    The Import Users window opens.

  2. Click sample XLSX file.

    The pre-formatted XLSX file is downloaded to your system.

  3. Open the XLSX file in a spreadsheet editor.

  4. Enter the following user information if available (if anything but the Username is not immediately available, it can be added manually):

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Email

    • Username

    • Role

    • Receive newsletter

    • Note

  5. Save the XLSX file.

  6. From the Import Users window, drag&drop the file into the window or click Choose File and select the file.

  7. Click Import.

    The users specified in the XLSX file are added to the Users page.

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