Project Management

Job Board Overview

The Memsource job board is a public page that Project Managers and Administrators can publish jobs where other Project Managers and Administrators with Personal or Team Start accounts (non-Linguist users) can respond to them.

When a new job posting is published, all related Personal, Team Start, and Team edition Administrators and Project Managers are notified. When an organization has multiple Project Managers, all are notified.

Job board notifications are sent at an organization level and can be disabled under Setup Setup_gear.png - Administration - Email Notifications. Notifications are disabled for the entire organization with this option only being available for Personal, Team Start, and Team editions.

Responses to job board postings are listed on the related project page.

Once an agreement is made between the poster and any of the candidates, the job can be assigned to them in two ways:

  • Share the job (after establishing a Vendor connection with them).

  • Create a Linguist account for the candidate.

Publish a Job Board Posting

To publish a job board posting, follow these steps:

  1. From a project page, click Share and select Publish on Job Board.

    The Publish on Job Board page opens.

  2. Provide job information.

    • If the job has an analysis, the wordcount and net rate can be uploaded.

    • If a job is only for a specific language or languages, select those required.

  3. Click Publish.

    The posting is available on the job board.

Posted jobs cannot be edited or deleted. They will automatically close after the Quoting deadline has passed.

Respond to a Job Board Posting

Open a posting from the job board and click Respond.

If the Respond button is not available:

  • The posting is closed (e.g. past the quoting deadline).

  • You are not signed in into Memsource.

  • You are signed in but not eligible to respond because you are not a Linguist user.

  • You are signed in as a user from the organization which published the job offer.

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