Project Management

Pre-translation Overview

Pre-translation is the initial application of Non-Translatables, Translation Memories, Machine Translation and/or Human Translation Engines against a source text before it is presented to the Linguist in a Memsource Editor.

Pre-translation settings can be set at the project level in general settings, when creating a new project or when defining a project template.

They can also be set for individual jobs via the Pre-translate button in the job table but without options for the auto-propagation of repetitions.

Pre-translation Options

  • Translation Memory

    Use of TM if assigned to the project and pre-translation threshold.

  • Non-Translatables

  • Machine Translation

    Use of MT and/or MTQE if assigned to a project.

  • Overwrite

  • Repetitions


  • Set segment status to confirmed for

  • Pre-translate & set job to completed

  • Lock

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