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v21.13.0 - June 22, 2021

Fixed Bugs

  • iOS: Opening an analysis before creation is complete causes the application to crash. This has been fixed.

  • Cancelled jobs can be viewed by Linguists and attempting to open them triggers an error. This has been fixed and cancelled jobs can no longer be seen by Linguists while rejected jobs can be viewed..

v21.11.2 - June 8, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • This release includes general optimization improvements.

v21.11.0 - May 25, 2021

Fixed Bugs

  • Tapping on the <Back button did not work on iOS devices with notch (iPhone X or newer) requiring users to tab just below the button instead. This is has been fixed.

v21.10.0 - May 11, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Project name and language combination are now provided in notifications.

Fixed Bugs

  • All deadlines were being shown in GMT. This has been fixed.

  • It was possible to split segments with tags into empty segments. This has been fixed.

  • Job parts are listed and opened in a different order after being split. This has been fixed.

v21.9.0 - April 27, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Segments can now be joined and split in the editor.

v21.8.0 - April 13, 2021

Fixed Bugs

  • The jobs table is not responding to the first tap on the screen. This has been fixed.

  • The application crashes when scrolling down/searching in joined jobs. This has been fixed.

v21.7.1 - March 30, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Files can now be split by administrators and PMs.

  • A Rate our app popup has been implemented.

Fixed Bugs

  • The Edit project option was available on the Vendor's side of shared jobs. This has been fixed.

  • The Delete job option was available to the Vendor in shared jobs. This has been fixed.

v21.5.0 - March 16, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Max. target segment length in characters and Max. target segment length in % of source segmentation rules can now be specified when importing a job.

v21.2.1 - March 2, 2021

Fixed Bugs

v21.2.0 - February 2, 2021

Fixed Bugs

  • iOS 14.0.1: Mobile app gets stuck and cannot be opened if notifications are disabled. This has been fixed.

  • Application crashes when linguist selects a Completed job. This has been fixed.

v21.1.1 - January 19, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • All MS Word import setting options are now available.

Fixed Bugs

  • Logged in users are logged out with invalid credentials error. This has been fixed.

  • iOS: Multiple jobs cannot be accepted. This has been fixed.

  • Numbers, dates, etc. in localized strings are not being correctly formatted. This has been fixed.

  • Segmentation rules from project templates are not being propagated to projects. This has been fixed.

  • Jobs imported with errors are shown as being in the process of importing. This has been fixed.

  • Notifications for linguists are not delivered in correct localization. This has been fixed.

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