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Memsource Mobile Releases 2020

Earlier release notes can be found in the archive.

v20.14.0 - July 7, 2020

Fixed Bugs

  • Android: In some cases, clicking the Undo button caused crashing of the app. This has been fixed.

  • When editing source, terms surrounded by punctuation symbols were not highlighted. This has been fixed.

v20.13.2 - June 25, 2020

Fixed Bugs

  • iOS: When in the editor, pasting text into the textinput field causes a crash. This has been fixed.

v20.13.0 - June 23, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • Source can now be edited.

  • Project Managers can now edit locked segments.

  • Linguists can now edit locked segments if permitted in project settings.

Fixed Bugs

  • In some cases, cursor position was not correctly set after performing undo/redo. This has been fixed.

v20.12.5 - June 10, 2020

Fixed Bugs

  • A bug was identified that caused random app crashes for some users. This issue was fixed.

v20.12.3 - June 9, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • PMs now have the option to pre-translate a job when it is created.

Fixed Bugs

  • When confirming the last segment of a job, the editor does not jump to first unconfirmed segment. This has been fixed.

v20.10.3 - May 26, 2020

New Features and Improvements

v20.9.0 - May 12, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • The Open in Editor and Accept buttons are made sticky at the bottom of the Job Details screen making them always visible and easier to reach.

  • Confirmation for accepting/declining/completing jobs has been removed.

  • Android: Application has been optimized and is more than 30% smaller.

Fixed Bugs

  • Changes in the Job Due Date were not reflected in the UI. This has been fixed.

  • Jobs from archived projects were still visible on the jobs dashboard. This has been fixed.

v20.8.3 - April 28, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • Undo/Redo functionality added to segment functions.

Fixed Bugs

  • Confirmed status on job detail screen displaying incorrect value when returning from editor. This has been fixed.

v20.8.0 - April 14, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • Analysis breakdown now has the name of the job at the top of each analysis.

  • In the case of an outage, user is presented with a message about availability instead of an error code.

Fixed Bugs

  • Penalized TM matches were being displayed as NUM& instead of NUM↓. This has been fixed.

  • iOS: CAT button in wrong position after closing a locked segment. This has been fixed.

v20.6.8 - April 1, 2020

Fixed Bugs

  • Android only: If the keyboard is active, CAT results are not shown when first tapped on. This has been fixed.

v20.6.7 - March 31, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • Source can now be copied to target when editing segments.

v20.6.4 - March 20, 2020

Fixed Bugs

  • Android only: opening the screen to add a Term Base crashes the application. This has been fixed.

v20.6.2 - March 17, 2020

Fixed Bugs

  • Vendors encountering errors when uploading or editing shared jobs. This has been fixed.

  • MT Engines are disabled after a project is edited. This has been fixed.

v20.5.0 - March 3, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • Analyses can be deleted.

  • Jobs of the same language combination, of the same project, and from the same workflow can be joined and opened in the editor.

  • Linguists can open not acceptedcompleted or rejected jobs in read-only mode.

  • The first instance of a repetition is indicated in the editor.

Fixed Bugs

  • In iOS, date/time selector is empty in dark mode. This has been fixed.

v20.4 - February 18, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • Analysis creation functionality has been added to Memsource Mobile.

v20.2.5 - February 4, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • This release includes general minor stability improvements.

v20.2.4 - January 21, 2020

Fixed Bugs

  • In side-by-side view, it was not possible to insert tags and CAT results. This has been fixed.

v20.2.3 - January 21, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • Empty segments are pre-translated upon tapping to open in the mobile editor.

Fixed Bugs

  • On Android devices, long-pressing text with tags would sometimes wrongly expand the selection to only partially include the tag. This has been fixed - the entire tag will be included in  the selection or not at all.

  • On some iPad devices, the Toolbar at the top is overlapped with the Search field. This has been fixed.

  • On some iPad devices, the Toolbar at the top is overlapped with the Search field. This has been fixed.

  • On Android devices, text styling (like bold, italics and etc.) was sometime incorrectly applied. This has been fixed.

  • Changing timezones resulted in infinite alerts. This has been fixed.

v20.1.0 - January 7, 2020

Note that as of this release the versioning strategy has changed. Version number will reflect the year of the release followed by the number of the release during the year. This release is the 1st of the year 2020.

Fixed Bugs

  • Last segments are either cropped or not visible at all on iPhone X. This has been fixed.

  • Segment fetching activity indicator behavior has been changed to more accurately reflect fetching status.

  • Auto-complete suggestions are not always correctly displayed. This has been fixed.

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