Machine Translation

Memsource Translate

Memsource Translate evaluates the quality of different machine translation engines and automatically selects the best performing engine for a project based on the language pair. It supports 69 language pairs and includes Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE).

  • Memsource Translate is provided in all accounts and is after March 12, 2019, the default machine translation engine.

  • Memsource Translate characters can be used by all MT engines supported by Memsource Translate.

  • Multiple instances of Memsource Translate can not be created.

  • Free characters are included in each edition (Ultimate: 2M, Team and Academic: 500k, Team Start: 250k, Personal: 50k). These characters are for testing purposes and specific to the purchased edition; upgrades do not include more characters.


  • If purchasing characters directly through Google or Microsoft, set these engines up directly through the providers.

  • Free characters provided by Microsoft Translator can still be used by disabling Memsource Translate and setting up the Microsoft Translator account.

Purchase Characters

To purchase characters, follow these steps:

  1. From the Setup Setup_gear.png page, scroll down to the Integrations section.

  2. Click on Machine Translation Engines.

    The Machine Translation Engine page opens.

  3. Click Top Up Characters

    The character purchase page opens.

  4. Select currency, payment method, bundle and location options.

  5. Click Continue.

    The billing data page opens.

  6. Provide billing data and click Continue.

    The review page opens.

  7. Ensure billing data is correct and click Continue.

    Payment gateway opens.

  8. Complete payment process to finish purchase of characters.

    Purchased characters will be added to the Remaining Characters column showing the number of characters available for use with Memsource Translate.

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