Machine Translation

Machine Translation Overview

Memsource offers integrations with many machine translation providers. It is possible to use machine translation with Memsource Translate or by setting up direct connections with Third-party MT engines.


Microsoft Translator with Feedback and Manage MT via Memsource have been deprecated.

Machine Translation Settings

From the Machine Translation Settings page, the Machine Translation Usage table is presented, Memsource Translate can be configured and Third-Party Machine Translation Engines can be added.

To access Machine Translation Engines settings, follow these steps:

  1. From the Setup Setup_gear.png page, scroll down to the Integrations section.

  2. Click on Machine Translation Engines.

Character Usage

Machine Translation relies on the use of purchased characters. If no characters for an engine are available, the engine cannot be used. Characters are specific for the engine they have been purchased for.

The Machine Translation Engines page presents a character usage chart for all MT engines associated with your account.

Data for a specific engine can be viewed by deselecting the names of the other engines at the bottom of the chart. The chart only displays data from the last 30 days.

By default, Project Managers can only see data related to projects they have created.

To see all data from all projects in an organization, have an Admin user follow these steps:

  1. Click on Users.

    The list of Users is presented.

  2. Select the appropriate user and click Edit.

    The Edit User page opens.

  3. Select a viewing option under Homepage Dashboards.

  4. Click Save.

Remaining Characters

Remaining characters are presented for all associated MT engines. If more Memsource Translate characters are required, purchase more Memsource Translate characters. If more Third-party characters are required, purchase more MTQE characters.

Supported Third-Party Machine Translation Engines

  • Amazon Translate

  • Apertium


  • Closed NMT

  • CrossLang

  • DeepL Pro

  • Fair Trade Translation

  • Globalese

  • Globalese NMT (Neural Machine Translation)

  • Google AutoML

  • Google Translate

  • Human Science

  • KantanMT

  • Kodensha MT

  • Microsoft Custom Translator

  • Microsoft Translator / Microsoft Translator Hub

  • Mirai Translator

  • MoraviaMT

  • NICT

  • Omniscien Technologies

  • PangeaMT


  • SDL BeGlobal

  • SDL Language Cloud

  • Skrivanek

  • Sunda MT

  • Systran

  • Systran PNMT

  • Tauyou

  • Tauyou Real-time

  • Tilde MT

  • Toshiba

  • Yandex

  • Yappn

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