Edit a Translation Memory

Translation memories can be edited. This allows you to add, modify, or delete segments. You can do this either directly in the Memsource UI or by exporting your TM. Depending on your user rights, it is possible to:

  1. Edit the attributes of a translation memory.
  2. Delete a TM completely. (The TM will then be moved to the Recycle Bin where it will remain for 30 days.)
  3. Search the content and edit individual entries.
  4. Import content from other TMs (or another CAT tool).
  5. Export the content of a TM (and use it in other CAT tools, or edit it and import it back to Memsource).
  6. Align previously translated files with their originals and import them to a new TM.

Translation Memory page

Edit the Attributes of a Translation Memory

The attributes in a translation memory allow users to group, filter, and sort the TMs. The attributes can also be used to restrict or allow access to users with limited users rights such as guests or restricted Project Managers. The attributes do not apply to the translation units stored in that TM. To edit the attributes, open the translation memory, click on the Edit button, and the form with the term's attributes will be shown:
TM parameters page

Here, you will be able to edit all of the parameters you entered when you were creating the TM with the exception of the languages. You can add languages at any time, but you can only delete the current languages if the translation memory is empty. Once there are some saved segments in your translation memory, you will be unable to remove any of the languages.

Note: Some Project Managers might have limited rights to see and use some clients, domains, and subdomains created by other users.

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