January 28, 2020: Memsource Release v20.1

Note that as of this release the versioning strategy has changed. Version number will reflect the year of the release followed by the number of the release during the year. This release is the 1st of the year 2020.

New features and Improvements

  • Linguist Portal Job View: Translation jobs assigned to the linguist are presented in a table with acceptance buttons and filtering options. 
  • Added support for npatMT MT engine.
  • Added support for Kodesha MT engine.
  • Search shared space functionality improved to increase search speed.
  • Added support for AEM 6.5

Bug Fixes

  • If Modify TBs is disabled for Guest users, View TBs and Approve terms functions do not work. This has been fixed.
  • Analysis created via API ignore the naming macro. This has been fixed.

Have you come across any bugs?

Thank you for letting our Support team know.