December 17, 2019: Memsource Release v19.24

New Features

New Webhook events have been added and can be selected in Setup.

  •  Project created
  •  Project status changed
  •  Project due date changed
  •  Shared project assigned
  •  Project metadata updated
  •  Pre-translation finished
  •  Analysis created
  •  Continuous job updated

The following languages are now supported by Memsource.

locale language
dv_MV Dhivehi (Maldives)
ta_latn_in Tamil (Latin, India)
fa_latn_ir Farsi (Latin, Iran)
kk_latn Kazakh (Latin)
or_latn_in Oriya (Latin, India)
uk_latn_ua Ukrainian (Latin, Ukraine)
hy_latn_am Armenian (Latin, Armenia)
el_latn_gr Greek (Latin, Greece)
bg_latn_bg Bulgarian (Latin, Bulgaria)
ru_latn_ru Russian (Latin, Russia)
te_latn_in Telugu (Latin, India)
kea_cv Kabuverdianu (Cabo Verde)
wes_ng Pidgin (Nigeria)
ar_mod Arabic (Modern)

Bug Fixes

  • Contentful connect can now be searched by Entity ID in the Add from Online Repository window.

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