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October 30, 2019: Memsource Editor for Web Release v6.188

New Features and Improvements

Two New QA Rules 

In order to give users more flexibility, the TranslationLength QA rule is now being replaced by two new rules: Exceeds max length (chars) and Exceeds max length (as % of source). The Exceeds max length (chars) rule will set a maximum number of characters for a segment, and the Exceeds max length (as % of source) rule will ensure that the length of a translated segment is close to the length of the source segment.


Punctuation is No Longer Included in Wordcounts

Wordcounts in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai documents will no longer have punctuation marks included. This will apply to general punctuation (U+2000 - U+206F), supplemental punctuation (U+2E00 - U+2E7F), and to CJK symbols and punctuation (U+3000 - U+301F only).


Changing the Color of Hidden Characters

It is now possible for users to change the color of hidden characters. This has been done to help users distinguish between shown and hidden characters more easily.


Fixed Bugs

  • Due to a bug, links displayed in the In-context Preview would navigate to websites instead of the appropriate segment in the translation table. This has been resolved, and users should once again use Ctrl+Click to open links.


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