October 22, 2019: Memsource Release v6.109

New Features and Improvements

T-4OO MT Engine Now Added to Memsource

The T-4OO Machine Translation engine is now available to use in Memsource.


Punctuation is No Longer Included in Wordcounts

In order to increase the accuracy of wordcounts, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai documents will no longer have punctuation marks included in the wordcounts. This will apply to general punctuation (U+2000 - U+206F), supplemental punctuation (U+2E00 - U+2E7F), and to CJK symbols and punctuation (U+3000 - U+301F only). Please note that this will only apply to Analyses initially, and will apply to the Memsource Editor in the October 30th release.


Automatic Project Creation Monitors Subfolders in Sitecore
Automated Project Creation can now be used to monitor subfolders in Sitecore, allowing users to monitor folders without needing an excessive number of Automatic Project rules. 


New Fields Added to Quote Reports

In order for our users to see their project's information more conveniently, Submitted by, Project due date, Project status, and Project status changed fields have been added to quote reports. 


Fewer Jobs Shown per Page

To help decrease the loading time of larger projects, the number of jobs per page will be decreased to 50.


Fixed Bugs

  • Due to a bug, the Cost Center was not always displayed in the Project Template settings. This has now been fixed.
  • When two or more Linguists were assigned to a job and one accepted, the second Linguist would sometimes get a Job Status Changed notification before receiving a New Job notification. This has now been resolved.


Have you come across any other bugs?

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