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October 15, 2019: Memsource Editor for Web Release v6.183.4

New Features and Improvements

Instant QA Available 

When using Instant QA, segments are run through the quality assurance checks immediately upon their confirmation.


Changes Made to the "Unedited Fuzzy Match" QA Check

The Unedited Fuzzy Match QA check has been divided into Unedited TM Fuzzy Match and Unedited NT/MT Fuzzy Match.


Adjustable Font Size in Tag Editing Box

The font size in the Tag Editing Box can now be changed in the same way as the font in the Translation Table.


Shortcuts for Em and En Dashes

While users can still use Alt+0151 to create an em dash (—) or Alt+0150 for an en dash (–), users can also use keyboard shortcuts to create these dashes. Using CTRL+ALT+the minus sign will create an em dash, and using ALT+the minus sign will create an en dash.


En Dashes and Em Dashes No Longer Count as Words

In order to help users get a more accurate word count, em dashes and en dashes are now no longer counted as words.


Fixed Bugs

  • Due to a bug, text in some segments would incorrectly be shifted and the cursor would appear to be in the wrong place. This has now been resolved.
  • When clicking out of the Conversation window, it would sometimes disappear. The conversation window will now stay open when a user clicks out of it.
  • While links would work in Context Notes, the images in the URL would not always be displayed properly. This has now been fixed.
  • When using the mouse to resize the bottom panel, the splitter would sometimes keep following the mouse instead of releasing properly. This has now been resolved.
  • Due to a bug, using Ctrl+Shift+Space would not always create a non-breaking space. This has been fixed.
  • Previously, it was not always possible to bulk set repetition exceptions in a job. This has been resolved.


Have you come across any other bugs?

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